Terms of Service

During your stay

The holiday rentals are available to the customer on the day of arrival starting from 16:00 until 12:00 on the day of departure.

The holiday apartment rental price includes blankets and pillows, basic dishes, and electricity. The apartment is connected to the district heating network.

Customers should bring their own duvet cover and pillow case, if not otherwise agreed at the time of booking. Duvet cover and pillow case sets are available for 18 € / each.


A final cleaning is included in week-long bookings, unless otherwise agreed at the time of booking. If the cleaning was the responsibility of the customer and has not been done by the end of the stay, so that the apartment's caretaker must to the cleaning before the next customer arrives, the owner has the right to charge a cleaning fee of 84 EURO. If the holiday apartment is left in such a poor state that a normal cleaning is not enough, the owner has the right to charge a supplemental fee for additional cleaning.

The customer is responsible for paying the costs of any damages to the apartment or its furniture.


The holiday apartment may not be used by more people than are listed on the invoice. Tent, caravan or motor home use on the property without the owner's permission is prohibited


All complaints regarding the property or the equipment should be reported immediately to the owner or the key holder.  If the situation does not change, a written appeal should be made to the owner within two weeks after the end of the stay. If the client and the owner can not reach an agreement, the customer may bring the matter to the Consumer Complaints Board.

Cottage Use

Be sure to leave the apartment in the same condition as it was when you arrived. If you have rearranged the furniture, then please remember to return the them to their original locations.  The renter is responsible for cleaning the apartment throughout the duration of the stay.  Rubbish and empty bottles may be taken to the waste bins located in the rubbish shelter.

If the cottage is missing something or something is broken, we ask that you inform the key holder as soon as it's detected.

Smoking and Pets on the premises

Smoking inside is prohibited.  Pets are not allowed in the apartments. If these restrictions are not observed, then the landlord will charge a 500 EURO compensation for the resulting cleaning.